Humble Beginnings: An Inspirational Story

They say that some of the greatest success stories emanate from the most unlikely of circumstances, and New York Grilled Cheese is one such story. What originally began as a fledgling self-serve frozen yogurt concept that showed early signs of success and attracted a small but loyal following, eventually transitioned into a bustling gourmet grilled cheese shop that quickly gained notoriety beyond its South Florida origins.

The father-son team that first opened the yogurt store soon realized that the frozen yogurt market in South Florida was oversaturated and, as such, its growth potential would be hampered by the singular nature of a yogurt shop’s menu. In a moment of inspiration, and with their entrepreneurial spirit and knack for fabulous foods under their belt, New York Grilled Cheese was the happy result.

The uncanny success and ensuing popularity that followed, all in a remarkably short period of time, transcended even the owners’ wildest dreams and expectations. Capitalizing on a favorite childhood comfort food that has withstood the test of time, the dynamic management team reinvigorated a stagnant staple and manifested it into a lucrative opportunity that appeals to people of all ages and walks of life.

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